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Spin Clean

Spin Clean MKII Record Washer System Complete Kit

Spin Clean MKII Record Washer System Complete Kit

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Folks, please wash your records before you play them.  Your stylus will last longer for one but you also wont but subject to the clicks, and pops that usually occur with dirty records. Think about it. Your new record left some factory pressing plant and depending on which one (I'm looking at you GZ!), your record is full of stuff from the plant, hiding in the grooves. If you've never washed your records, it's really not optional, if you want to keep listening to them, without any major interference, for years to come.

This is what I use.  Spin Clean MKII - Its cheap, easy and does exactly what it claims.

Everything you get in the kit is listed below but, if I may, skip using the drying cloths that come with these.  Get some microfiber cloths that you'd used for your glasses to dry your records once your done washing them.

From the manufacturer:

Album Cleaner May Fix Skips That Have Lingered for Years

Deep Groove Record Cleaning Helps in Reducing Pops and Crackles

Easily deep-clean both sides of your vinyl records at the same time. No power or installation required. Don’t worry about the noise of motorized vacuum record cleaning system.

Spin-Clean washes 33, 45, and 78 records. Enough materials to clean up to 700 records! Compact size to allow for easy storage.

Spin-Clean operates using specially formulated alcohol-free, new MK3 vinyl record cleaning fluid (4oz).

What you get:

  • Patented vinyl record washer basin and lid and compact size to allow for easy storage.
  • Specially formulated alcohol-free, new MK3 vinyl record cleaning fluid (4oz).
  • One (1) pair of premium record-cleaning brushes.
  • One (1) pair of durable rollers to accommodate LPs, 45s, and 78 RPMs.
  • Two (2) super soft, lint-free drying cloths won't scratch your records.

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