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Untouchables [Vinyl]

Untouchables [Vinyl]

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"Here To Stay" won the 2003 Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance.
After THE UNTOUCHABLES, Korn can never again be accused of sounding like Limp Bizkit. Though in the past, they've often been lumped in with the likes of the Biz due to their penchant for mixing hip-hop and heavy metal, UNTOUCHABLES represents a step forward. Part of the reason may be the involvement of producer Michael Bienhorn, who old-timers will recall as a founding member of early-'80s avant rock/funk/jazz outfit Material. Whether its Bienhorn's influence or just the band's desire to progress (we're betting on a combo of both), the songs here are full of carefully delineated and sung melodies (though Jonathan Davis's sore throat from hell won't bring Frank Sinatra to mind any time soon). The attack of the guitars and drums is just as unrelenting as before, but the expanded song structures and grooves (somebody's been listening to early Killing Joke) will put the lie to all the naysayers who consigned these guys to the nu-metal scrapheap in the past.

    Release Date: November 2, 2018

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