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Bruce Dickinson

Tyranny Of Souls (180 Gram Vinyl) [Vinyl]

Tyranny Of Souls (180 Gram Vinyl) [Vinyl]

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It took eight years, but the trilogy that started with 1997's ACCIDENT OF BIRTH and continued with 1998's THE CHEMICAL WEDDING is finally complete with the release of 2005's TYRANNY OF SOULS. Dickinson once again collaborates with guitarist and producer Roy Z, with whom he has an almost telepathic relationship. That comes in handy when writing an album together while thousands of miles apart, Z at home in Los Angeles and Dickinson on tour with Iron Maiden. Working only with a tape of Z's guitar parts, Dickinson composed lyrics based on some of his favorite subjects: science fiction ("Soul Intruders"), space ("River of No Return"), and flying ("Kill Devil Hill").TYRANNY OF SOULS is full of Z's signature layered guitars, as heavy as they are melodic and intricate. "Abduction" and "Soul Intruders" open with retro thrash riffs and feature blindingly fast solos. No Dickinson album would be complete without a history lesson, included here in "Kill Devil Hill," the story of the Wright Brothers' first flight. At the midpoint of the record, "Navigate the Seas of the Sun" revisits the subtle acoustic vibe of 1994's "Tears of the Dragon," the song that originally brought Z and Dickinson together.

  • Released: 10/27/2017
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop
  • RSD Release Date: DDD

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