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This Is Hardcore [Vinyl]

This Is Hardcore [Vinyl]

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This Is Hardcore takes Pulp further over the top in every sense, shamelessly dramatic structures telegraph every crescendo, and tense verse arrangements give way to sweeping sing-along choruses. Cocker's venomous, confessional lyrics are best evidenced in his trademark spoken sections--murmured tales of obsession punctuate the band's call to arms for the pasty, skinny dispossessed youth of the world. THIS IS HARDCORE boasts a fantastic palette of sonic textures, from the thick T. Rex-influenced grooves to spacey chimes, E-bows, and storms of feedback. Analog synths buzz and sputter, held aloft by rich string arrangements. As the title implies, sexual themes abound, notably on the cool rush of "Party Hard" and the slow throb of the title track. "Help The Aged" features elegant instrumentation and a lyric which manages to be poetic where lesser misanthropes would yield to the temptation to be comedic. The anthemic closer "The Day After The Revolution" carries on the proud Pulp tradition of nihilism, assuring us that, thankfully, that huge chip on Cocker's finely coutured shoulder isn't going anywhere.

  •  The Fear
  • 2 Dishes
  • 3 Party Hard
  • 4 Help the Aged
  • 5 This Is Hardcore
  • 6 TV Movie
  • 7 A Little Soul
  • 8 I'm a Man
  • 9 Seductive Barry
  • 10 Sylvia
  • 11 Glory Days
  • 12 The Day After the Revolution

Release Date: December 1, 2015

UPC: 602547866516

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