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Paul Simon

The Rhythm Of The Saints [Vinyl]

The Rhythm Of The Saints [Vinyl]

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As singer/songwriter Frank Tedesso once put it, GRACELAND is the mountaintop and RHYTHM OF THE SAINTS is the mist around the peak. The latter certainly does seem to pick up where it's South African-flavored predecessor left off. Though RHYTHM OF THE SAINTS relies on the traditional musical forms of a different part of the world (Brazil), Simon uses a somewhat similar strategy. He wraps his very American voice and lyrics around the rhythms and harmonies of a culture much more dependent on polyrhythms. In the process, he creates a new paradigm that is simultaneously familiar and excitingly fresh.
A new development is the undercurrent of social protest in the lyrics, something that GRACELAND only hinted at. A running lyrical theme is the intrusion of science and civilization upon nature, and the catastrophic results. When he finds no solutions in the world of men, Simon turns to the divine. On "The Cool, Cool River," he supplicates himself, with the understanding that "these prayers are the memory of God." However close he may get to heaven, RHYTHM OF THE SAINTS definitely finds Simon treading a step or two north of the earth.

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