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The Perfume of Decay [Vinyl]

The Perfume of Decay [Vinyl]

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The Perfume of Decay is set at night,” the band’s Jamie Hall explains. “It was written at night, I recorded all the vocals at night, and it is at night when my thoughts race and uneasiness pours through me like running water. Under the glimmer of moonlight, my apprehension ebbs and flows like the tide and it doesn’t stop until the morning. Perfume is a diary of my emotional journey from dusk to dawn, an anxiety-fueled voyage through the storm. Lyrically, at points, it is almost a stream of consciousness. I sat up late and wrote the words down as they flashed before my eyes.“I use my songwriting as a form of catharsis — a tool to examine my anxiety and insecurity about growing older and how those emotions seem to lead me towards turmoil. I pour those feelings into my lyrics and only then can I move on from them.”

1. Dirge
2. The Perfume Of Decay
3. Show Me My Maker
4. Play My Favourite Song
5. Swoon
6. The Dark Below
7. You’re My Dopamine
8. We’re A Long Time Gone
9. It Hurts When You’re Heard
10. Until I Forget
11. Shadowgraph
12. Help Me I’m Dreaming

Release Date: June 2, 2023

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