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Thanks 4 Nothing [Explicit Berry Tie Dye Vinyl]

Thanks 4 Nothing [Explicit Berry Tie Dye Vinyl]

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Berry Tie Dye Color Variant. You never have to guess what Tink's thinking. The Chicago-born songstress and rapper says it all in her music. She spits, speaks, and sings straight from the heart without filter or apology. At the same time, she breaks boundaries, dropping off bars with uncontainable charisma and belting out hooks with show-stopping range. She can be romantic in one crescendo before getting raw in a bout of wild wordplay. This versatility consistently affirms her as a force in her own lane. Following her 2011 debut mixtape, "Winter's Diary," she dropped projects at a prolific pace, including "Alter Ego," 'Blunts & Ballads," and "Boss Up." 2014 saw "Winter's Diary 2: Forever Yours" arrive to widespread critical acclaim, landing on year-end R&B album lists from Billboard and Rolling Stone. It also yielded "Treat Me Like Somebody," which gathered 64 million Spotify streams and counting. A year later, XXL touted her among it's coveted "Freshman Class." Following a stint in the major label system, she embraced independence again with "Winter's Diary 4" [2016], "Voicemails" [2019], "Hopeless Romantic" [2020], "A Gift And A Curse" [2020], and "Pillow Talk" (2023).

1 Thanks 4 Nothing (Intro)
2 Fake Love
3 Toxic
4 Save Your Soul
5 Someone on You
6 I'm the Catch
7 Let Down My Guard (Feat. Ty Dolla $Ign)
8 Trust Issues
9 Stingy
10 Gangsta's Paradise
11 Streets Ain't for Me
12 Tongue Tied
13 Ain't Gonna Leave
14 New Nigga

Release Date: July 28, 2023

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