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Jammin' Sam Miller

Super Metroid (Original Soundtrack) [Vinyl]

Super Metroid (Original Soundtrack) [Vinyl]

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Double vinyl LP pressing. Full HD re-creation/restoration of the legendary soundtrack for 1994 Exploration / Action-Adventure / Sci-Fi / Alien video game Super Metroid by Louisiana-based composer and producer Jammin' Sam Miller. Jammin' Sam Miller explains: "Composed by Kenji Yamamoto. Recreated by me. This was made possible by locating the original instrument samples from workstation keyboards and drum machines before they were put into the game and rebuilding the soundtrack from the ground up, applying some modern mixing techniques along the way to lift the veil of 16bit compression and create an updated listening experience."

Release Date: March 29, 2024

UPC: 4251804144100

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