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Animal Collective

Sung Tongs [Vinyl]

Sung Tongs [Vinyl]

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In their Sung Tongs incarnation, Animal Collective is once again the duo of Avey Tare and Panda Bear, and this is perhaps their most perfect, accessible work to date, a luscious flowering and flowing together of deeply catchy, hook-filled songs and intricately textured arrangements. Built around the core elements of Avey and Panda’s gorgeous vocal harmonies and twin acoustic guitar strumming, the album has been lovingly worked through the studio to provide a rich and fully expansive mix of stunning sonic depth, detail and placement.


  1. Leaf House
  2. Who Could Win A Rabbit
  3. The Softest Voice
  4. Winters Love
  5. Kids On Holiday
  6. Sweet Road
  7. Visiting Friends
  8. College
  9. We Tigers
  10. Mouth Wooed Her
  11. Good Lovin Outside
  12. Whaddit I Done


Release Date: September 8, 2017

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