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Aimee Mann

Queens Of The Summer Hotel [Vinyl]

Queens Of The Summer Hotel [Vinyl]

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Aimee Mann started working on a musical, based on the memoir Girl, Interrupted. But it takes years for a Broadway show to get produced. So Aimee ended up going into the studio and recording all the songs for the musical herself. Queens of the Summer Hotel is the result.

"Suicide is Murder" is the first single from Aimee Mann's upcoming album, her first since her 2017 Grammy-winning album, Mental Illness.

  1. You Fall
  2. Robert Lowell and Sylvia Plath
  3. Give Me Fifteen
  4. At The Frick Museum
  5. Home By Now
  6. Checks
  7. Little Chameleon
  8. You Don't Have The Room
  9. Suicide Is Murder
  10. You Could Have Been A Roosevelt
  11. Burn It Out
  12. In Mexico
  13. Check (reprise)
  14. You're Lost
  15. I See You

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