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John Cale

Poptical Illusion [Orange Vinyl Indie]

Poptical Illusion [Orange Vinyl Indie]

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Despite the album’s playful title, John Cale’s second album in just over a year still contains the same feelings of fierce and inquisitive rage that were present in 2023 album MERCY. He remains angry, still incensed by the willful destruction that unchecked capitalists and unrepentant conmen have hoisted upon the wonders of this world and the goodness of its people. But this is not at all MERCY II, or some collection of castoffs, as throughout his career of more than six decades, Cale has never been much for repetition. His vanguard-shaping enthusiasms have shifted among ecstatic classicism and unbound rock, classic songcraft and electronic reimagination with proud restlessness.


God Made Me Do It (don't ask me again)
Davies and Wales
Calling You Out
Edge of Reason
I'm Angry
How We See The Light
Company Commander
Setting Fires
Shark-Shark (Vinyl Mix)
Funkball the Brewster
Laughing In My Sleep
There Will Be No River

Release Date: June 14, 2024

UPC: 887832017839

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