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High Desert Queen

Palm Reader [Green Vinyl]

Palm Reader [Green Vinyl]

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High Desert Queen's sophomore full-length "Palm Reader" is bursting with raw energy. The album is crammed with cool vibes, ripping leads, and a ton of desert fuzz with a focus on great songs rather than trying to stay confined within a corral of a particular style. This untamed attitude took it's creative high energy source straight from touring. When the band from Texas returned home after six weeks travelling the roads of Europe with the legendary FATSO JETSON and watching them improvising jams every night, they had also taken notes. High Desert Queen could hardly wait to start recording. Not focusing overly on how parts were played, allowing themselves imperfections, and ditching the click, the music started to flow like never before. In the very first studio session after the tour, three new songs emerged. Working within a live framework and mindset, the band from Austin, Texas hit the jackpot and "Palm Reader" bears witness to that claim.


1 Ancient Aliens
2 Death Perception
3 Head Honcho
4 Palm Reader
5 Time Waster
6 Tuesday Night Blues
7 Solar Rain

Release Date: May 31, 2024

UPC: 884388879935

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