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Golden Earring

Moontan (Expanded & Remastered) [Vinyl]

Moontan (Expanded & Remastered) [Vinyl]

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Originally released in 1973, Moontan is the album that gained Golden Earring an enormous amount of international popularity, primarily on the strength of the hit single and enduring radio favourite "Radar Love". To this day, their ninth album Moontan is their most successful album internationally - being the only Golden Earring album to be certified Gold by the RIAA - and paved the way for these Dutch rockers in the US. "Radar Love" reached #13 on the Billboard Single Charts and has been covered over 500 times ever since, including by U2, R.E.M. and Def Leppard.

- Disc 1 -
1 Candy's Going Bad
2 Are You Receiving Me
3 Suzy Lunacy (Mental Rock)
4 Radar Love
5 Just Like Vince Taylor
6 Vanilla Queen
- Disc 2 -
1 Big Tree, Blue Sea (1973 Version)
2 The Song Is Over
3 Instant Poetry
4 From Heaven, from Hell (1974 Version)
5 Candy's Going Bad (Rough Mix)
6 Radar Love (Basic Track)
7 Are You Receiving Me (Basic Track)

Release Date: March 11, 2022

UPC: 8719262030022

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