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Minecraft Dungeons (Original Soundtrack) [Purple & Orange Vinyl Box Set]

Minecraft Dungeons (Original Soundtrack) [Purple & Orange Vinyl Box Set]

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For Minecraft Dungeons, Mojang Studios and Double Eleven reimagined the massive Minecraft universe through the lens of a classic dungeon-crawler action adventure game, building, in the process, a fun, frenetic romp through procedurally-generated maps and worlds.

And what's a dungeon crawl without a great soundtrack - especially one THIS absolutely epic. Mojang Studios mixed your favorite tracks from Minecraft Dungeons with fresh remixes by an all-star group, including work done by: Eevee, The Deli, WunTwo, and many more..  The fans have spoken, and, iam8bit is proud to present these songs with the care and premium panache they deserve. This is the Minecraft Dungeons 4xLP. It's a ridiculously loaded collection of impressive tunes,  presented on Nether Purple and Orange vinyl and housed in an elegant box set slipcase with block-busting album art by Mojang Studios themselves.


    1 Finnback
    2 Halland
    3 Dalarna
    4 Stuga
    5 Squid Coast
    6 Creeper Woods
    7 Soggy Swamp
    8 Cacti Canyon
    9 Gjermund's Lament
    10 Desert Temple
    11 Obsidian Pinnacle
    12 The Arch-Illager
    13 Enderman
    14 Evoker
    15 The Four Horsemen
    16 Overgrown Temple
    17 Frozen Fjord
    18 Windswept Peaks
    19 Tempest Golem
    20 Basalt Deltas
    21 Torn Acinder
    22 Crimson Forest
    23 Soulsand Valley
    24 Coral Rise
    25 The Abyssal Monument
    26 Ancient Guardian
    27 End Wilds
    28 Void
    29 Broken Heart of Ender
    30 To the Beginning
    31 Mooshroom Island
    32 Coral Rise (O K H O)
    33 Desert Temple (Wun Two)
    34 Broken Heart of Ender (Eevee)
    35 Mooshroom Island (Esbe)
    36 Dalarna (The Deli)
    37 Evoker (O K H O)
    38 Halland (Wun Two)
    39 Ghast (Esbe)
    40 Crimson Forest (The Deli)
    41 The Arch-Illager (Eevee)
    42 Dalarna (PTR)

Release Date: March 17, 2023

UPC: 850047432001

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