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The Jacksons

Mexico City 1975 [Vinyl 2LP]

Mexico City 1975 [Vinyl 2LP]

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The Jacksons launched their first world tour beginning in March 1973. It took the best part of three years to complete, culminating in their legendary Mexico City Performance in December 1975, and undertaken around the era that the boys signed to Epic after many years with Motown. Their change of label had also prompted the shortening of the brothers' collective name, and Jermaine quit the group concurrently, hoping to progress with Motown under his solo career; his place was taken by the younger Randy Jackson, who featured at this concert - one of his first as an official band member - keeping the numbers up to quintet levels. The show itself was a truly dynamic affair as can now be heard on this original recording, featuring a fine selection of Jackson (and solo-Michael) classics, alongside newer tracks still to receive a studio release on upcoming records. Get it now before it is gone!

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