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Sun Ra Arkestra

Live At Pit-Inn Tokyo Japan 8-8-1988 [Vinyl]

Live At Pit-Inn Tokyo Japan 8-8-1988 [Vinyl]

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Sun Ra Arkestra, Live in Japan!

Recorded at Shinjuku Pit Inn on August 8, 1988, this recording has undergone fresh remastering from the master tape, marking the first reissue in 36 years!! In the 1980s, Sun Ra Arkestra actively engaged in a global tour. After concluding their tours of the United States and Europe that began in the spring of 1988, they made their first visit to Japan on July 30. At this time, Sun Ra was 74 years old. After completing five performances across Japan, the tour's final show took place on August 8th at Shinjuku Pit Inn. During this Japanese performance, Sun Ra Arkestra delivered a remarkable performance, showcasing big band jazz, including standard tunes. The concert was characterized by intricate arrangements, individual virtuosity of each player, and a telepathic unity within the band. The performance was truly memorable, reminiscent of their peak era, as it demonstrated the mysterious space music through the sound vibrations of Sun Ra, the 'mythical scientist of sound'. Sun Ra Arkestra: Sun Ra: piano, synthesizer, vocals Ahmed Abdullah: trumpet Tyrone Hill: trombone Marshall Allen: alto sax, flute, percussion Danny Ray Thompson: baritone sax, percussion Eloe Omoe [Leroy Taylor]: alto sax, bass clarinet, contra-alto clarinet, percussion June Tyson: violin, vocals Bruce Edwards: electric guitar Rollo Radford: electric bass Samarai Celestial [Eric Walker]: drums Earl 'Buster' Smith: drums Tracklist: Side A 1. Introduction - Cosmo Approach Prelude 2. Angel Race - I'll Wait for You 3. Can You Take It? 4. If You Came from Nowhere Here Side B 1. Astro Black 2. Prelude to a Kiss 3. Why Was I Born? 4. Interstellar Low Ways

Release Date: July 5, 2024

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