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Ani Difranco

Little Plastic Castle (25th Anniversary) [Orange Vinyl]

Little Plastic Castle (25th Anniversary) [Orange Vinyl]

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To make Little Plastic Castle, Ani returned to one of her favorite places to record in that era-the live-in studio the Congress House in Austin, Texas. Though Ani described it as "the most light-hearted album I've made in a long time," this record covers a wide range of topics - the impermanence of existence ("Fuel"), mutual respect ("Pixie"), forgiveness ("As Is"), drugs ("Two Little Girls") - and emotions. Chosen as one of the "Greatest Albums Made By Women" by NPR in 2017, Little Plastic Castle has proven to have an enduring legacy. Six songs from this record - the title track, Fuel, Gravel, As Is, Two Little Girls, and Swan Dive) remain in heavy rotation at live shows.

1 Little Plastic Castle (2023 Remaster)
2 Fuel (2023 Remaster)
3 Gravel (2023 Remaster)
4 As Is (2023 Remaster)
5 Two Little Girls (2023 Remaster)
6 Deep Dish (2023 Remaster)
7 Loom (2023 Remaster)
8 Pixie (2023 Remaster)
9 Swan Dive (2023 Remaster)
10 Glass House (2023 Remaster)
11 Independence Day (2023 Remaster)
12 Pulse (2023 Remaster)
13 Gravel (Bed Tracks)
14 As Is (Bed Tracks)
15 Two Little Girls (Bed Tracks)

Release Date: June 23, 2023

UPC: 748731701239

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