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Legacy [180-Gram Blue Vinyl]

Legacy [180-Gram Blue Vinyl]

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Originally coming to fruition as an Agnostic Front side-project, Madball quickly established a reputation as being one of the hardest-working and most visceral hardcore bands in the scene, which still holds true to this day. Produced by renowned heavy-music specialist Zeuss (Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, Throwdown), 2005's Legacy served as the group's first release in half a decade, and was a continuation of all of the standards that any fan could expect from the group: bruising rhythms and riffs, commanding vocals and an overall confidence that most hardcore troupes couldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. While Legacy is reminiscent of the best of Madball's previous material, it also finds the group expanding it's horizons. First time on vinyl as a colored 180g LP.

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