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Gotan Project

La Revancha Del Tango [Vinyl 2LP]

La Revancha Del Tango [Vinyl 2LP]

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Formed in 1999, the Gotan Project's first release "Vuelvo Al Sur / El Capitalismo Foraneo" was followed by the 2001 album "La Revancha del Tango". The group brings the tango into modern day music by incorporating beats & breaks. The album contains "Epoca" which might be recognized from the Jet Dry dishwasher TV commercial.

Side A - LP 1:
1. Queremos Paz
2. Epoca
3. Chunga's Revenge
Side B - LP 1:
4. Triptico
5. Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)
Side C - LP 2:
6. Una Musica Brutal
7. El-Capitalismo Foraneo
8. Last Tango In Paris
Side D - LP 2:
9. La Del Ruso
10. Vuelvo Al Sur

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