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Jamie xx

In Waves [3LP White & Black Vinyl]

In Waves [3LP White & Black Vinyl]

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Limited deluxe edition of In Waves on 3 discs in a transparent outer sleeve. In Waves pressed on 2 discs alongside a 12” featuring two exclusive bonus tracks and the singles Let’s Do It Again, It’s So Good and Kill Dem.

The long-awaited new album by Jamie xx In Waves is the next chapter in the career of one of the most in demand producers of his generation.

With In Waves, Jamie replicates the emotional crescendos and thrilling volatility of an almost mystical night out– one where you return home in the cigarette ash dawn, the specifics of the last eight hours already blurring, but aware that these feelings will remain a crystalline memory.

In Waves is a melancholy paradise of bliss, heartbreak, and introspection. The story of a journey where you merge into the divine pulse of shadows, light, and dancefloor rhythms. A strobelight epiphany about the illimitable possibilities and spiritual capacities of humanity.

Nine years after his debut solo masterpiece, In Colour the London producer has not only eclipsed the heights of its predecessor, he’s somehow made all supernatural adjectives and analogies seem understated.

White Vinyl
Treat Each Other Right
Waited All Night (Ft. Romy, Oliver Sim)

Baddy On The Floor (Ft. Honey Dijon)
Dafodil (Ft. Kelsey Lu, John Glacier, Panda Bear)
Still Summer
Life (Ft. Robyn)

Black Vinyl
The Feeling I Get From You

All You Children (Ft. The Avalanches)
Every Single Weekend (Interlude)
Falling Together (Ft. Oona Doherty)

Half & Half Vinyl
F.U. (Ft. Erykah Badu)
It’s So Good
Do Something

Let’s Do It Again
Kill Dem

Release Date: September 20, 2024

UPC: 889030035639

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