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Linkin Park

Hybrid Theory [One Step Vinyl]

Hybrid Theory [One Step Vinyl]

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The "One Step" vinyl process is a specialized manufacturing technique renowned for its superior sound quality. Traditional vinyl pressing involves multiple steps with the potential for quality loss at each stage. The "One Step" process eliminates these steps with the lacquer master being used to create a stamper which is then used to press the records.

This results in a vinyl record that faithfully preserves the original sound with exceptional clarity and depth, capturing the recordings nuances and subtleties. The "One Step" process is highly regarded among audiophiles and collectors for its unparalleled sound fidelity and represents the pinnacle of vinyl manufacturing craftsmanship.

Because Sound Matters' meticulous One-Step process creates the definitive sounding audiophile version of an album — and the first release from Because Sound Matters One-Step is Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory.

Linkin Park's debut album, Hybrid Theory, was originally released October 24, 2000, peaking at #2 on the Billboard Top 200. The release has gone on to sell more than 32 million copies worldwide and is 12x Platinum in the US.

Produced by Don Gilmore and mixed by Andy Wallace, 7 of the album's 12 songs received Alternative and Rock radio airplay with "One Step Closer," "Crawling," and "Papercut" being Chart Toppers while "In the End" was a multi format #1 hit including Top 40! "Crawling" won a Grammy Award in 2002 for Best Hard Rock Performance. Hybrid Theory is one of the best-selling debut records of all time!

Because Sound Matters One-Step of Hybrid Theory is strictly limited to 3,000 copies. The album is housed inside a top quality, foil-stamped, uniquely designed slipcase. The enclosed gatefold single LP features an "Old Style" tip-on jacket with original artwork and have printed details regarding the entire One-Step process.

Hybrid Theory was recorded in the digital domain, it was then mixed through an analog electronic chain onto tape. Those original master tapes were then carefully transferred to 192/24 wav files that ended up being the audio source for the BSM One-Step pressing.

BSM used Neotech VR900-D2 180g vinyl compound which is the same as what is known as Super Vinyl or Clarity Vinyl — the best in the world.

Levi Seitz at Blackbelt Mastering (Metallica, Pearl Jam, Beyoncé, etc.) cut the multiple sets of lacquers required — crucially all from the same lot of lacquers. Being a massive Linkin Park fan himself — Levi already knew every little sound on this iconic album!

Dorin Sauerbier at Record Technology, Inc (R.T.I.) has been plating records for decades and is considered the best in the world — he also has done more One-Step processing than anybody. This is a vital step in the process to ultimately delivering the absolute best sounding version of Hybrid Theory ever.

Record Technology, Inc. did the pressing — using the exact pressing machine used for so many Mobile Fidelity One-Step releases.

The slipcases, "Old Style" tip on original art jackets, and inserts were printed by world renowned Stoughton Printing Company.

The vinyl A-team was used for every aspect of this definitive version of Linkin Park Hybrid Theory!

Side One:
One Step Closer
With You
Points of Authority
Side Two:
By Myself
In the End
A Place for My Head
Cure for the Itch
Pushing Me Away

Release Date: August 9, 2024

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