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Alpha Wolf

Half Living Things [Cassette]

Half Living Things [Cassette]

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The first thing to stick in any human being's mind when we think of a wolf is the teeth; sharp, vicious, unforgiving, jaws that sink in and don't let go, this image is what has driven Australian metalcore outfit Alpha Wolf to spend the past few years proving to the world that they more than live up to such an image. 'Half Living Things' is Alpha Wolf's third full length release. Red Cass


1 Bring Back the Noise
2 Double-Edge Demise
3 Haunter
4 Sucks 2 Suck Feat. Ice-T
5 Whenever You're Ready
6 Pretty Boy
7 Mangekyo
8 A Terrible Day for Rain
9 Feign
10 Garden of Eyes
11 Half Living Things
12 Ambivalence

Release Date: June 7, 2024

UPC: 4065629720759

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