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Fortunate Youth

Good Times (roll On) [Vinyl LP]

Good Times (roll On) [Vinyl LP]

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With Good Times (Roll On), Fortunate Youth rekindles the spirit of halcyon days, grillin' and chillin', and reuniting, once again, with their fans. The title track turns a slightly nostalgic eye to the band's humble beginnings playing backyards and college parties. The lyrics strongly portray bringing back the good times that we all missed in the past. "We're trying to change the world through the music we write and play, and the lives we live out performing onstage," says singer Dan Kelly. "We always hope our music can change the outlook of anyone's day." Crafted over the last year Good Times (Roll On) is reflective of it's time. "This is probably the first time we've put an album together where we had the time to review and refine each song for as long as we felt necessary.," drummer Cory Draskovich shares. "2020 was a tough year, especially for the touring music industry. With the down time at home, we were able to spread out the sessions and take our time." What would typically take the band 3-4 weeks, lasted about 9 months. It results in one of the band's finest efforts to date.

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