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Afternoon Bike Ride

Glossover [Silver Colored Vinyl LP]

Glossover [Silver Colored Vinyl LP]

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Endearing Montreal-based trio Afternoon Bike Ride announce their forthcoming second album ‘Glossover’, set to be released in February 2023 via Friends of Friends. Consisting of Lia Kurihara (vocals, guitar, programming), David Tanton (vocals, guitar, drums, programming), and Éloi Le Blanc-Ringuette (vocals, keys, drums, programming), Afternoon Bike Ride is a lo-fi folk trio providing a comfort zone in audio form. It's in the name. When all three artists are together, their chemistry culminates into one organic and lush sound. Sonics that feel natural and freeing, as if fireside with a handful of microphones and instruments and toys. "An audio diary," the band describes, "of what we know will be our most cherished memories." The band has released a series of cohesive projects where field recordings blend with ambient, acoustic, folk, and pop. A cauldron of genres they stir during each song. With precision, Afternoon Bike Ride presents a soothing sound all their own, one that continues to expand and deliver with each new release.

Release Date: February 17, 2023

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