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Bomba Estereo

Deja [Gatefold LP Jacket, Clear Vinyl 2LP]

Deja [Gatefold LP Jacket, Clear Vinyl 2LP]

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Bomba Estéreo's new album 'Deja' is the band's long-awaited first album in 4 years. The album was mixed by Damian Taylor (Björk, Arcade Fire). 'Deja' is about leaving behind the unnecessary baggage in our lives and re-connecting with what is meaningful and essential - with the earth. It's about a hope for our future and finding a better balance between technology and the natural world. In the middle of the pandemic, Bomba and a community of collaborators got together in a Caribbean beach house in Santa Marta. Where the Sierra Nevada mountains meet the sea, they let it all go and recorded the album. For 'Deja,' Simón and LI wanted to make the album more of a "community" effort. Simon found increasing chemistry playing live shows with guitarist José Castillo and the folkloric percussion of Efrain "Pacho" Cuadrado. LI recruited her longtime friend Lido Pimienta and the Afro Cuban duo OKAN for the session.

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