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Fka Twigs

Caprisongs [Glow In The Dark Vinyl]

Caprisongs [Glow In The Dark Vinyl]

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FKAtwigs' highly anticipated mixtape CAPRISONGS is now on vinyl. The mixtape documents twigs' "journey back to myself through my amazing collaborators and friends" and showcases an evolution and expansion for this prolific artist who continues to thoughtfully push at the edges of her art.

"CAPRISONGS... it's bronzer in the sink, alco pop on the side, a cherry lolly, apple juice when you're thirsty, friends in the park, your favourite person, that one sentence somebody said to you that changed everything, a club pre-game, your bestie who is always late but brings the most to the party, meeting a friend at the airport, just togetherness. " - FKAtwigs.

CAPRISONGS features collaborations with Pa Salieu (on "honda,"), Daniel Caesar ("careless"), Rema ("jealousy"), Jorja Smith and Unknown T ("darjeeling"), DYSTOPIA ("which way") and Shygirl ("papi bones") in addition to the previously released single "tears in the club", which sawtwigsteaming up with The Weeknd for her biggest track to date.

- Disc 1 -
1 Ride the Dragon
2 Honda (Feat. Pa Salieu)
3 Meta Angel
4 Tears in the Club (Feat. the Weeknd)
5 Oh My Love
6 Pamplemousse
- Disc 2 -
1 Caprisongs Interlude (Feat. Solo)
2 Lightbeamers
3 Papi Bones (Feat. Shygirl)
4 Which Way (Feat. Dystopia)
5 Jealousy (Feat. Rema)
6 Careless (Feat. Daniel Caesar)
7 Minds of Men
8 Track Girl Interlude
9 Darjeeling (Feat Jorja Smith & Unknown T)
10 Thank You Song

Release Date: September 23, 2022

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