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Brutalism (Five Years of Brutalism) [Red Vinyl]

Brutalism (Five Years of Brutalism) [Red Vinyl]

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To celebrate the 5th anniversary of their smashing debut album the band created a special limited edition. This version is pressed on cherry red vinyl, packaged in a gatefold jacket with alternate cover art and a printed inner sleeve. Limited edition of 10,000 for the world.

Originally released in 2017, Brutalism, was heralded as a return of loud rock by a band with feelings that they were not afraid to share and to shout them with you. IDLES are a band that transcends expectations and a styles. Yes, they rock. Yes, they’re caustic. But as this stunning debut LP shows they also know love, care and heartbreak. This album saw them successfully channel the energy of their live performances into a studio epic. IDLES and this album are the mosh pit personified: fury, sweat, excitement, aggression, happiness and everyone looking out for each other.

Release Date: December 9, 2022

UPC: 720841215554

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