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Born Like This [Vinyl]

Born Like This [Vinyl]

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Born Like This was recorded this past year in various parts of the world and features some of Doom's brightest and most brilliant rhyme skills and production ever. This is Doom's definitive album, encapsulating but surpassing all of his previous work and influences under various monikers.

1 Supervillain Intro
2 Gazzillion Ear
3 Ballskin
4 Yessir! - Raekwon
5 Absolutely
6 Rap Ambush
7 Lightworks
8 Batty Boyz
9 Angelz
10 Cellz
11 Still Dope
12 Microwave Mayo
13 More Rhymin'
14 That's That
15 Supervillainz - Mobonix
16 Bumpy's Message - Bumpy Knuckles
17 Thank Yah

Release Date: April 26, 2009

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