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Bobby Digital Vs Rza [Vinyl]

Bobby Digital Vs Rza [Vinyl]

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Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater Bobby Digital vs RZA - According to the PR, RZA vs Bobby Digital is "a much-anticipated battle between RZA's peaceful, contemplative self and his more aggressive, womanizing alter-ego Bobby Digital. The end result is a cinematic audio odyssey, in which he modulates between personas and emotions, capturing the bipolar tendencies of the human mind while encapsulating the dramatic past year that we've all experienced."

1) RZA vs Bobby Digital

2) Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theatre

3) Pugilism

4) Never love Again

5) Fate of the World

6) Fisherman

7) Kaiju



Release Date: July 15, 2022

UPC: 760137100225

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