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Scene Queen

Bimbocore Vol. 2 [Explicit Pink Vinyl]

Bimbocore Vol. 2 [Explicit Pink Vinyl]

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Featuring the viral hit, "Barbie & Ken" (a collaboration with pop band Set It Off), here comes Scene Queen's EP, BIMBOCORE Vol. 2. Blending heavy music, metal, and rock, with modern pop, and a whole lot of pink (the color), Scene Queen's follow-up to BIMBOCORE is decidedly catchy, unpredictable, and wildly satisfying. It's not often that an artist creates something so unique and unpredictable that an entire genre is created because of it, but here we are, Scene Queen and BIMBOCORE have arrived.

    1 Pink Whitney
    2 Pink G-String
    3 Pink Cocaine
    4 Pink Barbie Bandaid
    5 The Rapture (But It's Pink) [Feat. Mothica]
    6 Barbie & Ken (Feat. Set It Off)
    7 Pink Hotel

Release Date: April 7, 2023

UPC: 790692677214

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