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Momoko Kikuchi

Adventure [Pink Vinyl]

Adventure [Pink Vinyl]

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Remastered sound sources for all songs, double-page spread lyric cards that reproduce the original specifications, reprinted with belt specifications.

Released in 1986, the 3rd album counted as one representative of city pop.

The medium AOR “Night Cruising” and the refreshing sound of the cutting guitar “Mystical Composer” have gained support for their gorgeous yet chic and mellow sound, and in recent years have been reprinted by overseas labels, and there is no shortage of topics.

Mou Aenai Kamo Shirenai
Nami Ni Naritai
Night Cruising
Ame No Realize
Akai Inazuma
Good Friend
Mystical Composer

Release Date: June 2, 2023

UPC: 826853003773

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