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A Crow Left Of The Murder... [Vinyl]

A Crow Left Of The Murder... [Vinyl]

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In 2003, after successfully renegotiating their contract with Epic, Incubus struggled further in parting ways with bassist Dirk Lance. When a proven lineup has a successful chemistry, there is always the danger of tampering with that magic when a personnel change occurs. Luckily, Incubus dodged that bullet and struck gold with four-stringer Ben Kenney (Roots/Blackalicious).The requisite elements that Incubus fans have come to expect are firmly in place on A CROW LEFT OF THE MURDER, with the up-tempo bombast of "Megalomaniac" and "Beware? Criminal," the softer dynamics of "Southern Girl," and radio-friendly "Talk Shows On Mute." What may come as a surprise are the jazzy, proggy moments. In that light, some nods to Rush crop up, as with the chorus of the title track, "Agoraphobia" and the extended instrumental section of "Pistola." Guitarist Mike Einziger offers up plenty of quirky, interesting guitar work, especially in "Sick, Sad Little World" and "Priceless." CROW stands as an evolved statement of intent for Incubus, and a promise that the sky's the limit for this bird of flight.

- Disc 1 -
1 Megalomaniac
2 A Crow Left of the Murder
3 Agoraphobia
4 Talk Shows on Mute
5 Beware! Criminal
6 Sick Sad Little World
7 Pistola
- Disc 2 -
1 Southern Girl
2 Priceless
3 Zee Deveel
4 Made for TV Movie
5 Smile Lines
6 Here in My Room
7 Leech

Release Date: November 23, 2012

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