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Untitled (Rise) [Vinyl]

Untitled (Rise) [Vinyl]

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The mysterious and elusive group returns with another phenomenal record. This album is based firmly around the dance-floor with gems that take in house disco, 80's Boogie and Post Punk. After one listen, you'll agree this album is something special, but along with Untitled (Black Is) they have made the soundtrack of modern times with lyrics of anger, resistance and protest. It's utterly compelling.
1 Strong
2 Fearless
3 Rise
4 I Just Want to Dance
5 Street Fighter
6 Son Shine
7 Rise Intently
8 The Beginning & the End
9 Free
10 You Know It Ain't
11 Uncomfortable
12 No Black Violins in London
13 Scary Times
14 The Black & Gold
15 Little Boy

Release Date: May 7, 2021

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