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Lael Neale

Star Eaters Delight [Gold Vinyl]

Star Eaters Delight [Gold Vinyl]

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Limited Loser Edition on gold vinyl. Lael Neale still has a flip phone and there were no screens involved in the creation of her new record Star Eaters Delight. The album is her second for Sub Pop and reveals an expansion of her sonic collaboration with producer and accompanist Guy Blakeslee. In April of 2020, in the wake of transformations both personal and global, Lael moved from Los Angeles back to her family's farm in rural Virginia. Looking at the world from a distance and getting in tune with her own rhythms, she wrote and recorded steadily for two dreamlike years, driven by a need to make order out of chaos. Forged in isolation, Star Eaters Delight is a vehicle for returning, not just to civilization, but to celebration. She says, "Acquainted with Night (recorded in 2019, and released in 2021), was focused inward, amidst the loud and bright Los Angeles surrounding me. It was an attempt to create spaciousness and quiet reverie within.


1 I Am the River
2 If I Had No Wings
3 Faster Than the Medicine
4 In Verona
5 Must Be Tears
6 No Holds Barred
7 Return to Me Now
8 Lead Me Blind

Release Date: April 21, 2023

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