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Belinda Carlisle

Kismet [Orchid Vinyl]

Kismet [Orchid Vinyl]

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Belinda Carlisle and Song Writer Diane Warren have a long history of working together after first collaborating on Carlisle's 1987 album, Heaven on Earth, which featured the Warren written songs, "I Get Weak" and "World Without You". Carlisle's last English-language pop record, A Woman & a Man was released in 1996, before hitting pause on her recording career while focusing on her live shows. In February 2023, Carlisle said "27 years on from making my last English language pop record I really wasn't thinking I would ever make one again... and I was quite happy with that idea. Then a chance encounter in a coffee shop led me back to the wonderful Diane Warren and she gave me the incredible gift of this song and the other songs on my upcoming EP."

1 Big Big Love
2 If U Go
3 Deeper Into You
4 I Couldn't Do That to Me
5 Sanity
- 2 -
1 Side B

Release Date: August 25, 2023

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