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Brand New

Your Favorite Weapon [Vinyl]

Your Favorite Weapon [Vinyl]

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Triple Crown Records is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Brand New's album Your Favorite Weapon by releasing it for the first time on vinyl. Complete with all new artwork and liner notes, this gatefold vinyl comes with a digital download card that contains previously unreleased demos. This vinyl is a must for all die hard Brand New fans.

    • 1 The Shower Scene
    • 2 Jude Law and a Semester Abroad
    • 3 Sudden Death in Carolina
    • 4 Mix Tape
    • 5 Failure By Design
    • 6 Last Chance to Lose Your Keys
    • 7 Logan to Government Center
    • 8 The No Seatbelt Song
    • 9 Seventy Times 7
    • 10 Secondary
    • 11 Magazines
    • 12 Soco Amaretto Lime

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