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Vincent [Black Ice Vinyl]

Vincent [Black Ice Vinyl]

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Where does the innocence go? As a kid my imagination was strong. I remember creating worlds, drawing or playing with whatever toys I had. When I started playing music a few years later it didn't feel much different. My bedroom studio became my playground. It was a game without plans or any right or wrong. The end result didn't matter. 15 years later I know more and play better than ever. I'm also not the kid that I was. I now overthink, give myself limits without noticing or have doubts that weren't here before. What inspired V I N C E N T was to look for a way out of this. A way out of my adult mind. Reconnect with the lost innocence. Somehow I started this album just before the world stopped and we all went to lockdown. The situation became ideal. I had to stay put. I had limited choices but unlimited time. Like when I was a kid. Of course it wasn't all smooth. Sometimes I lost track and had to dive back - pretending I know nothing again and remind myself that it is about the play. That's how the essence of most of these songs was made. Later on it was about finding a balance between this childish mess and making something presentable. It's not nostalgia about childhood but a reflection on getting the best out of both worlds. I love to see this album as the one that started it. I didn't think the other side was greener. I had no mission. I wasn't wearing any kind of masks. I was living for the play and nothing was serious. I was always jumping off the cliff. I was failing all the time and had no problem with it.

1 Way Out
2 FKJ and Santana - Greener
3 Us
4 The Mission
5 FKJ and Little Dragon - Can't Stop
6 Ihm
7 FKJ and (((O))) - Brass Necklace
8 Different Masks for Different Days
9 A Moment of Mystery (Feat. Toro y Moi)
10 Let's Live
11 Once Again I Close My Eyes
12 New Life
13 Does It Exist
14 Stay a Child

Release Date: June 10, 2022

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