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Scott H. Biram

The One & Only [Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl]

The One & Only [Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl]

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The One & Only Scott H. Biram showcases the singer’s signature unapologetic style. Tracks like "No Man’s Land" describe the hazards of growing up poor in a small Texas town, breathing the fumes from oil wells and brush fires. “Inside a Bar” captures the feel of an empty saloon on a slow Monday night. “I was going for the sound of loneliness and alcoholism colliding.”

"I view my albums as collages, combining elements from punk, metal, blues, country, and bluegrass. They reflect the diverse aspects of life – it’s not a concept but an expression," explained Biram.

With The One & Only Scott H. Biram the singer once again proves to be an unstoppable force and demonstrates his unique ability to live up to the traditions of rough-hewn, individualistic Texas-borne music.

Release Date: March 29, 2024

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