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Doe Maar

Skunk [Vinyl LP]

Skunk [Vinyl LP]

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Doe Maar's second rock ska album Skunk was initially supposed to come out in December 1980, but Telstar postponed the album's release until March 1981, as the company did not believe that Doe Maar's efforts would survive amidst bigger names during the December period. Despite this, Telstar began to market the album and released samples to radio stations. Due to a miscommunication, DJs did not know that the record had not been released, and played the samples on the radio. Listeners responded positively to "32 jaar", although the original name of the song, "Sinds 1 dag of 2" ('since a day or two'), didn't stick and was difficult to remember. For this reason, Dutch radio DJ Frits Spits renamed it to the eventual title, "32 jaar". The song reached #29 in the Top 40, and Skunk eventually reached #1 on the Dutch Top 100 Albums.

1 Sinds 1 Dag of 2
2 Te Laat
3 Bella Donna
4 Smoorverliefd
5 Nederwiet
6 Nix Voor Jou
7 Mis
8 Ruma Saja
9 De Laatste X
10 Alice

Release Date: April 1, 2022

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