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The Knife

Silent Shout [Vinyl 2LP]

Silent Shout [Vinyl 2LP]

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  • Most people, from hipsters to frat guys, know the group's song "Heartbeats," but don't expect to hear anything like that Silent Shout. Instead, dark synth pop and techno is on the menu du jour. Karin Dreijer Andersson's super creepy vocals dominate the record, and it's important to note that she's the only vocalist on the album aside from an appearance by Jay-Jay Johanson on "Marble House." Her brother Olaf (aka Oni Ayhun) handles the arrangements, but Karin provides all of the vocal sounds with the aid of filters, pitch shifters, and vocoders. Check the title track for a particularly great example of how her vocals are able to provide some really eerie tones. "We Share Our Mother's Health," is probably the most floor-ready single from the record, but the rest of it is pretty dark and sparse, ideal for headphones and home stereos. Check out "Neverland," "The Captain," "Na Na Na," "Marble House," and "Like A Pen," for more standouts. Solid album from top to bottom, considered by many to be a modern classic.
  • 1 Silent Shout
  • 2 Neverland
  • 3 Captain
  • 4 We Share Our Mothers' Health
  • 5 Na Na Na
  • 6 Marble House
  • 7 Like a Pen
  • 8 From Off to on
  • 9 Forest Families
  • 10 One Hit
  • 11 Still Light
  • Release Date: August 22, 2006

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