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Ol' Gorilla Bones

Revenge Vol. 2 [Explicit Vinyl]

Revenge Vol. 2 [Explicit Vinyl]

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Welcome to the return of revenge! The second volume of the Revenge trilogy proves you can't keep a good gorilla down, or one intent on violent vengeance either, for that matter. Over the cinematic production of The Dirty Sample, Ol' Gorilla Bones weaves tall tales of blood soaked slayings of wack ass clown shoe rappers. Obviously, Revenge Vol. 2 is a collection of madness, a diary of the macabre, and a rare instance of a sequel as good as the first.


1 Volume 2
2 The Slasher Joint
3 Gerry Cheevers
4 You Ain't the One
5 Shadow Man
6 Pillow Head (Feat. Chaka Boy)
7 Lead Belly
8 Honest Proposal
9 Til Death
10 Red Rum
11 Vigilantes (Feat. Touch)
12 To Kill a God
13 Half Dead
14 Not Gold Nor Fame
15 Subtle Revenge

Release Date: April 5, 2024

UPC: 197368449005

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