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Hello Pity

Naked [Crystal Clear Vinyl]

Naked [Crystal Clear Vinyl]

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Berlin's Hello Pity release their forthcoming debut album "Naked" on limited edition Crystal Clear vinyl and digitally via Duchess Box Records on Friday 13th October.

The Berlin post punk band Hello Pity have been collaborating this year with acts such as The KVB and Anika on remixes of tracks such as An Idea Of Guilt and Ms45 which appear on the album.

Naked was recorded in Berlin at the studio of Leonard Kaage, the guitarist from The Underground Youth.

Hello Pity are masters of atmosphere and Naked gives us a dystopian love album which complete with twisted elements of hate.

The band made from Colin (vocal, guitar), Gael, (vocal, guitar), Jonas (bass) and Max (drums) have been performing around berlin at 8MM, Loophole scene since 2019 and performed two shows at Synasthesie Festival before coming to the attention of Duchess Box Records.

Release Date: March 22, 2024

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