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Jyukkai Quiz (Ten Commandments Quiz) [Vinyl]

Jyukkai Quiz (Ten Commandments Quiz) [Vinyl]

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This is the third volume in a series of analog recordings of hidden masterpieces by 'Toshiba EMI'.This time, five titles released since the 2000s are being released!
Her debut was produced by Seiji Kameda in 2011 after a demo she sent to EMI at the age of 14 was accepted. This first album was produced and all songs (except for the bonus tracks) were written and arranged by former Theory of Relativity member Shuichi Mabe, who is newly gaining attention for co-writing Ano's 'Chu, Diversity'.Combined with Hanae's unique worldview, the work is full of originality. She has since released a total of three albums on EMI and is now a lingerie and cosmetics producer with a large following among women. (Original release: November 27, 2013)

Release Date: April 12, 2024

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