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The Offspring

Ignition [Colored Vinyl, Pink, Yellow, Clear]

Ignition [Colored Vinyl, Pink, Yellow, Clear]

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Listening to Ignition, one gets the sense of rage tightly controlled, powering the band’s uptempo, driving material. While their sensibility is firmly punk, the Offspring have clearly borrowed some metal for their chord progressions and guitar sound--check out the solos on “Nothing from Something” and “Forever and a Day.” While this album didn’t have the success of its follow-up, Smash, all the ingredients that made that record a hit are here, if not quite as refined: angry, incisive lyrics; fast-driving rhythms; and--dare one say it--melodic chord progressions. It’s easy to hear why Ignition was an underground hit and why the Offspring’s later records have been so successful. Here it is re-mastered, with every note exactly the way it sounded in the studio to celebrate the 30th anniversary!

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