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Good Will Hunting (Soundtrack) [Vinyl]

Good Will Hunting (Soundtrack) [Vinyl]

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Soundtrack to the Academy Award winning film, the tracks effectively mirrors the desires and lives that the film capitalizes on: restlessness, ennui, doubt, and unrequited love rule here. Elliot Smith contributes the most, and the best, songs, beautiful weepers that outshine Danny Elfman's somber original score, which makes only a few appearances. Album also features a handful of pop songs by other artists, including the Waterboys, Luscious Jackson, Andru Donalds, and the Dandy Warhols.

A1 Danny Elfman– Between The Bars (Orchestral)

A2 Jeb Loy Nichols– As The Rain

A3 Elliott Smith– Angeles A4 Elliott Smith– No Name #3

B1 The Waterboys– Fisherman’s Blues

B2 Luscious Jackson– Why Do I Lie?

B3 Danny Elfman– Will Hunting (Main Titles)

C1 Elliott Smith– Between The Bars

C2 Elliott Smith– Say Yes

C3 Gerry Rafferty– Baker Street

C4 Andru Donalds– Somebody’s Baby

D1 The Dandy Warhols– Boys Better

D2 Al Green– How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

D3 Elliott Smith– Miss Misery

D4 Danny Elfman– Weepy Donuts

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