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Kacey Musgraves

Deeper Well [Transparent Cream Vinyl]

Deeper Well [Transparent Cream Vinyl]

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The music on Deeper Well, the seven-time Grammy winner’s fifth album, is almost chimeric. Rolling acoustic guitars, puffy clouds of strings and synth, warm bass punctuations, layered harmonies, moments of Celtic melody and plenty of room on the tracks for Musgraves’ silvery vocals. On the bright, almost folky title track, the 30-something songstress surveys her life and priorities, recognizing what feeds her, drains her and even examines the childhood she’s left behind on her way to now. Saturn returns, cardinals embody a dead friend, love is given and taken, streets rush by, belongings are packed and old chapters deserted, new love blooms, jade bracelets serve as talismans, deep lessons emerge, small details define everything, the woods are a refuge and New York City serves as the same gleaming beacon as Oz. 82-page soft-cover book including Deeper Well on CD, tons of photos, song lyrics, liner notes and behind-the-song commentary from Kacey Musgraves and fellow collaborators.

Track Listing: 1. Cardinal, 2. Deeper Well, 3. Too Good to be True, 4. Moving Out, 5. Giver / Taker, 6. Sway, 7. Dinner with Friend 8. Heart of the Woods, 9. Jade Green, 10. The Architect, 11. Lonely Millionaire, 12. Heaven Is, 13. Anime Eyes, 14. Nothing to be Scared

Release Date: March 15, 2024

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