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Chris Murray Combo

Buckle Up [Red Vinyl]

Buckle Up [Red Vinyl]

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Los Angeles based Chris Murray has pioneered a low-fi, intimate singer/songwriter approach to modern traditional ska music. Originally lead Canadian 90's ska/rock powerhouse King Apparatus on tours all across North America, his studio output over the past 30 years have appeared on Moon NYC, Asian Man, and Ska In The World among others. Thirteen tracks recorded with his acoustic trio full of proven fan favorites, red vinyl repress. Side A 1. The Voice You Never Hear 2. Little Bit Of Love 3. Buckle Up 4. Toothbrush 5. What Will Come 6. Ain't No Joke Bein' Broke 7. Anchor Side B: 1. Guns & Gold 2. Forget Your Love 3. When Your Someday Come 4. Ready 5. Heaven 6. Only For You

Release Date: February 9, 2024

UPC: 760137139416

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