About Us

Drowned World Records is an independently owned and operated earth friendly record shop located in Seattle, WA.  We focus on new record releases but we also carry hard to find used Japanese pressings.  We started DWR because we love music and we love physical media.  As big music fans who appreciate audio fidelity and great artwork, we particularly love vinyl but noticed it was getting harder and harder to buy our favorite records without paying reseller prices so we  started DWR to see if we could help get music into the hands of fans first.  We've learned quite a bit since we started and are continuously improving our operations.  We've expanded our main warehouse space in Seattle where we house 10,000+ records and we are currently looking for a retail space to compliment our online presence.  We treat each record like the collectible it is and use vinyl specific packaging to get your record to you safely.

Id love to hear from all of you with any feedback, suggestions, comments.  Please email or send a message on social.