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MCC [Magna Carta Cartel]

The Dying Option [Autographed Vinyl]

The Dying Option [Autographed Vinyl]

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On April 29th, MCC [Magna Carta Cartel], broke a 5 year long silence with new single ”Silence” - the first song to emerge from their long awaited second full-length album ”The Dying Option”.

Led by Martin Persner, once serving time as ”Ω”, one of the Nameless Ghouls of Ghost, MCC’s music can best be described as cinematic sounding themes with captivating melodies and poetic lyrics. By mixing classic rock with ambient soundscapes and haunting melodies these 10 new songs offer a ticket into a state of mind seldom seen or heard in modern popular music.

”The Dying Option” is Produced by Niels Nielsen (In Flames, Ghost, Dead Soul, Starset). The album artwork is created by the renowned film maker Claudio Marino (Behemoth, Watain, King Dude) along with professor of art David M. Brinley (Ghost, Rolling Stone Magazine).
”Silence” Music Video was directed and produced by acclaimed Swedish direct Sebastian Jern.

Release Date: February 24, 2023

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