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F***ed Up

One Day [Colored Vinyl Indie Exclusive]

One Day [Colored Vinyl Indie Exclusive]

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Peak Blue In Milky Clear. With One Day, F***ed Up have delivered one of the most energizing and intricate albums of their entire career, a massive-sounding record that arrives in deceptively small confines. The Canadian hardcore legends have been known for their epic scale in the past, from towering concept albums to 12-hour performances-so it might be a surprise that F***ed Up's sixth studio album is their shortest to date, written and recorded in the confines of one literal day (hence the title). Don't mistake size for substance, though: The band's sound has only gotten bigger, more hard-charging, with even denser thickets of melody. If that sounds like a study in contrasts, well, that's F***ed Up for you-and you shouldn't expect, or want, anything different.


    1 Found
    2 I Think I Might Be Weird
    3 Huge New Her
    4 Lords of Kensington
    5 Broken Little Boys
    6 Nothing's Immortal Falling Right Under
    7 One Day
    8 Cicada
    9 Roar

Release Date: January 27, 2023

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